Autism Awareness Street Campaign

Autism Family Gathering Jakarta

PUTERAKEMBARA or the wondering child is formed to reach, inform, assist and motivate parents to ensure that their autistic children receive appropriate help and receive it as early as possible, thereby giving them a much greater chance of a healthy and happy life

Our work especially involved families caring for someone with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and encourage parents to join and share their experience for effective local action and personal support.

We do not claim to be medical, educational, legal or an expert in autism - we are the expert in our own individual children. We hope to save irreplaceable time and recognize the value of and demand for shared parental experience.

Inspiration - These talented kids inspire us a lot

Who's who - We are grateful to have our highly dedicated patrons

Street Campaign - One of our biggest event of the year

Sharing - Parents support each other in our mailing list forum

Gathering - Yearly family gathering events

World Autism Awareness Day

United Nation to commemorate the first World Autism Awareness Day. The 192-member Assembly had adopted the text unanimously, designating 2 April as World Autism Day [more...]

Hydrotherapy & Autism

Purpose of this article is to describe achievements the role of hydrotherapy in recreational therapy for person with ASD in pdf format - [more...]

Advice for Parents of Autistic Children

Working Paper written by James B. Adams, Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D., Temple Grandin, Ph.D., Bernard Rimland, Ph.D [more...]

Strategies and tips in special school

20 Ways to Ensure the Successful Inclusion of a Child with Asperger Syndrome in the General Education Classrooms - strategies and tips to help these children [more...]

Changing Mindset by Donna Williams

Children are people too, no matter what labels they have. They have chemistry, which can be imbalanced and hence can have mood disorders. [more...]

Simple Overview of Autism, Information, Research & Treatment

Simple overview of autism, including information on the incidence, research, testing, treatments & information resources. [more...]

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