Dibawah ini adalah link situs dari nara-sumber, institusi dan media massa yang telah memberikan kontribusinya kepada Puterakembara

The following links to individual, companies and institutions who have contributed to our web site and our organization. We would like to thank them for their warm and encouraging support:

The M.A.A.P. or More Andvanced Individuals with Autism, Asperger Syndrome, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder. Special thanks to Susan Moreno for Miss Holly Bullard's article 20 Ways to Ensure the Successful Inclusion of a Child with Asperger Syndrome in the General Education Classrooms

Donna Williams Website Miss Donna Williams and Serge Conein for Donna's article Changing Mindsets

Dr. Bryan Jepson at Children's Biomedical Center of Utah for his journal Understanding Autism Special Thanks to Miss Farrah C. Pickering at NICHD USA for the permission to reprint some autism abstracts Jill Stacey at Autism South Africa for some useful bulletin/information on autism. Martha J. Allcot, Senior Public Information Officer/ Public Affairs at UC Davis School of Medicine and Medical Center, CA. Paul Trehin at World Autism†Organization (WAO) in Luxembourg. Dennis Debbaudt, the author of <Autism, Advocates and Law Enforcement Professional> Dr. Tony Attwood for the excerpt of 'The Australian scale of Asperger's Syndrome' - Dr. Michael Guralnick at International Society On Early Intervention (ISEI). The Greymatter Team for their wonderful web journal software'

We also like to thanks the following media for granting us permission to reprint or make available link to their articles:† James Dalgleish at Reuters USA The Arizona Republic for Kristen Go's article 'Schools cope with growing number of autistic children' The Independent Digital UK for Roger Dobson's article 'I just can't eat that stuff' The Advocate Magazine for their article 'Silent Epidemic: Autism' The Wall Street Journal for their article 'DTP-Vaccine Shortage May Delay Immunization of Millions of Infants' Newsweek Inc. USA for their article 'Understanding Autisms' The Times Magazines UK for their article 'The Innocent Outcast' The Jakarta Post Newspaper for their article 'School built with the aim of helping autistic children' Yayasan Autisme Indonesia (YAI)

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