MMR Autism New Research


Reprinted by permission of the author, ARCH UK - thanks to Ann and Martin Hewitt

MMR/Autism New Research

Commentary by ARCH* - Autism Research Campaign For Health (Parent organization, UK parents with children with autism and inflammatory bowel disease.

Today the press report that John O'Leary (Professor of Molecular Pathology, Trinity College, Dublin) has found the MMR strain of measles virus in the guts of 12 children with autism who received the MMR vaccine.

This raises important questions about the role that the MMR plays in the late onset of autism in children who have received the jab. Parents whose children have developed autism and gastro-intestinal disease are saddened by the government's failure to take more seriously the growing evidence that the MMR is implicated in new variant gastro- intestinal damage and autism.

The government must now act to safeguard children whose parents ask whether to vaccinate their children.

The government should:
* remove all publicity stating the MMR is indisputably safe
* commission clinical studies to investigate the role of the MMR in autism and bowel disease
* provide single measles vaccines to children at no cost.

The latest study contests the findings of a review commissioned by the British Medical Association and published last week in Clinical Evidence. The review was billed as "the most in depth analysis" of research into MMR/Autism link. But, out of 2000 scanned, it only lists 36 studies as relevant.

In fact the study ignores the growing number of clinical studies showing measles virus in the guts of autistic children, such as the work of Professor O'Leary. It only refers to a pilot study by Andrew Wakefield et al published in 1998, which first suggested the role of bowel disease in autism and raised questions about the safety of the MMR

It ignores the entire research programme of Dr Andrew Wakefield et al since 1998, which includes over twenty papers examining pathological changes to the gut, including the guts of autistic children.

Since the late 1990s, a growing body of research has raised suspicions about the safety of the MMR vaccine and pointed to the role of measles virus in autism and bowel disease. The MMR appears to be safe for the majority, but not for a small group of susceptible children.

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ARCH is a group of parents campaigning for more clinical research into the causes and treatment of acquired autism - that is, where a normal, healthy, developing child acquires autism.
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